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Are you upset that your PPC based Mac has met it’s end as far as it’s adventures in OS X land are concerned?  10.6 “Snow Leopard” was the first version of OS X to drop support for PowerPC Macs. Fear not! We can load a viable updatable and current OS on your iMac, it’s called “Ubuntu for PPC”, and it’s a ‘port’ of the Linux operating system… Send an email to for information…

iMac ppc Ubuntu linux
iMac ppc processor, running Ubuntu Linux, using LXDE (light-weight desktop environment). A.K.A. “Lubuntu”… This particular model can take 1 x 4 Gig memory stick (pc2-6400 800 MHz). Thats more than enough to run Inkscape and Gimp (the open source equivalents of Illustrator and Photoshop respectively) while utilizing the ppc processor. The ppc processor was more powerful than intel at that time… It’s all open source software.

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