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Computer Repairs

Computers Fail. That's just life. So having a good tech on your side is your best option for staying ahead of the curve.

Mobile Devices

Let's face it, we've all dropped our phone/tablet. When it doesn't break, we don't bat a lash. But when it does, oh boy! Who do you call? Ace 1, of course.


Who fixes printers? Ace 1 Computers does, that's who. Printers can, sometimes, be one of the hardest things to repair.


Back Lights go out, LCDs break, buttons fall off, and other weird problems can arise from your monitor. Call Ace 1 for repairs.

Web Help

From email templates to full on website support, we help produce and repair your websites and web presence.

Repairs Done Right

Our techs have dozens of years of experience. From component replacement to solder repairs, to data retrieval. Our techs do it all.

Fair Pricing

We're in the business of saving you money. Because, why get something fixed if it isn't cheaper than buying a new replacement?

Who We Are

Ace 1 Computers works with businesses and personal users alike with their electronic needs. From providing consultations to full on technical support, Ace 1 Computers has the skill you need to get your project done right.

Making technology work for you.

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Computer parts and Accessories sold in Seattle by Ace 1


Products For Sale

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Ace 1 Computers supplies a variety of office equipment and accessories. From office furniture to software,  Ace 1 can connect you with the device you need for your projects.
Some of the inventory you can find at Ace 1 Computers include:

Routers &


Web Development

Web Development

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When it comes to web development, odds are you’re trying to build a site/page that will reach as many people as possible, with a high conversion rate. Though, more often than not, someone else was hired to build the site and now everyone’s afraid to

Ace 1 Computer Electronic Repair Seattle - Service Area

About Us

About Us

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Use the map above to input your address to see if you’re in our service area.

Ace 1 Computers has been a Seattle favorite for electronic repairs for over 20 years. We have loyal customers that have been with us since day one.


Computer Repairs

My Hard Drive Failed! Why?

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We’ve all seen it. The constant slowing of our computer; The intermittent wheel of waiting;  Corrupted data; The loud clicking sounds coming from the drive; Blue Screens of death; All leading up to the drive’s eventual meltdown – won’t boot.
The sick, sad truth is: Hard

Virus Removal - Seattle

Computer Repairs, Viruses

Viruses Removals

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Viruses, trojans, malware, spyware, rogueware, ransomware, bloatware, hijackers, exploits, packet sniffers, DDOS attacks, etc. One or more of them will eventually find it’s way to your device. You can prepare for the eventuality or you can preemptively protect yourself from these attacks.
Security suits aren’t

TV and Monitor Repair

Computer Repairs, TV / Monitor Repairs

TV and Monitor Repair

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Sometimes the motherboard or the LCD fails inside your TV or computer monitor. Could be the IC board connected the the LCD failed, the cable that connects the IC board to the motherboard, or it might be the LCD itself. Our experienced techs can diagnose

MS Office Training and Tutoring

Training and Tutoring

MS Office Training

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So, you finally got around to working with Microsoft Office. But you don’t know how to make that pretty Excel data sheet that you’ve seen so often. Nor do you know how to add action scrips to Power Point. Did you know that you can

Printer Repair in Seattle

Printer Repairs

Printer Repairs

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Most printers work. You plug them in, add paper and ink, and you’re all set and ready to go. But sometimes printers just don’t want to work right.
We can help in many ways:

Onsite printer setup (includes WiFi enabled printers)
Print tray &

Cell Phone Repair Seattle

Cell Phones

Cell Phone Repairs

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Cell phones, sadly, weren’t designed to take a beating. Actually, we’re convinced that they’re designed to break at the first chance available. So, Ace 1 has trained to expert level for Cell Phone Repairs.

Power Button Repair / Replacement
Volume Rocker Repair / Replacement

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